LIFE14 ENV/ES/586 MULTIBIOSOL- Innovative fully biodegradable mulching films & fruit protection bags for sustainable agricultural practices

The “Multibiosol” project is part of the European Union´s LIFE program. The general objective of this project is to demonstrate that sustainability and efficiency of agricultural practices can be achieved by introducing an innovative, economically viable and fully biodegradable plastic that eliminates waste completely.

Conventional non-degradable polymers after single-use become plastic waste, creating a serious problem of waste management since it is time-consuming and expensive to recycle. This plastic waste is usually abandoned, incinerated or taken to a landfill. These practices have serious consequences for the environment. Over the lifespan of the project we will aim to:

  1. Eliminate waste management
  2. Develop new biodegradable plastics films with a very low carbon footprint impact
  3. Improve soil and crop quality

The project will be implemented in Spain (Aragon), France and Belgium by a multinational team of 7 partners from three Member States of the EU (Spain, Italy and Belgium). To learn more about the project, please click here.

The LIFE MULTIBIOSOL project is co-financed by the European Union through the LIFE Programme.


Berta Gonzalvo of AITIIP represented LIFE Multibiosol in Athens this week at the “LIFE platform meeting on plastic & the circular economy”

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The methodology used in the first year of testing was reproduced, using a film that has been upgraded taking into account the factors and considerations observed in the first year.

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It was the perfect occasion for ARCHA to share the Multibiosol project through a written abstract and a poster presentation, effectively sharing knowledge about the LIFE project on a transnational level.

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