Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de Aragón

Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de Aragón (CAA) is part of the Agrarian Cooperative of Spain and its aim is to defend and represent the social and economic interests of the agricultural cooperative movement in the area of Aragón. It is composed of 161 cooperatives that cultivate more than 982.500 hectares with a revenue of more than 702.250.000€ for 2011.  CAA is dedicated to enhancing respect and cooperation between members as well as promoting high-quality products and ensuring food safety through sustainable exploration of the surrounding environment.

CAA is fully committed to the agro-food sector in Aragón, therefore it has a wide range of knowledge of different products and their markets including olive oil, cereal, rice, pork, beef, sheep, rabbit, wine, nuts, fruits and vegetables and animals’ feed.  CAA also provides advice to cooperative members regarding quality and labor training, and guidance on legal, accounting, financial and environmental matters.

Moreover, CAA is successfully responding to the new challenges entailed in European society while meeting the population’s nutritional needs. CAA encourages the use of new technologies and different management systems such as HACCP and RSE in order to promote sustainable use of natural resources.

CAA has years of experience organizing and exploring field trials for the latest agricultural developments such as new crop varieties, innovative investigation, pollination, pest control and fertilization techniques. 

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