Networking in Andalucia

We visited the El Valenciano farm that is using a lot of mulching films to cover the soil in their olive yards. They're looking for a biodegradable film that lasts 2 years (ours only lasts 6 months), and they are currently testing a felt version that works well and is also made of recycled material (picture right). 

During the visit we spoke to representatives of the agronomic consultancy IDEAGRO who have several horticulture clients in Murcia where they could promote our concept. For them it will be important to have a clear pricing strategy. 

Also we were able to exchange ideas with the technical manager of Galpagro, the owner of the El Valenciano farm. Their goal is to expand beyond olives, almond and pistachio production and also test high value horticultural products in some areas of their farm. They're open for trials with the Multbiosol mulching film.