Project presented at Post Harvest Symposium in Lisoba

On November 2nd, partners of the project travelled to Lisboa to present Multibiosol to an international audience during the IX Simpósio Ibérico de Maturação e Pós-Colheita. The event was organized by the Associação Portuguesa de Horticultura (APH) y la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Hortícolas (SECH).

The symposium was organized around 5 thematic areas, including plenary sessions, oral presentations and panel debates:

1) Post-harvest food waste: a global problem

2) Biology, physiology, ripening and post-harvest systems

3) Conservation and technologies for minimal processing 

4) Quality management during supply chain 

5) Functional and nutritional changes in senescence, ripening and conservation 

6) Consumer, industry and environmental sustainability requirements 

7) Post-harvest pathologies

During the session for "Functional and nutritional changes in senescence, ripening and conservation ", partners presented LIFE MULTIBIOSOL- biobased, biodegradable and additivated bioplastico for sustainable agriculture. Preliminary results.

The presentation was given by Diego Redondo andJésus Val from EEAD-CSIC, and the paper presented has the following authors: Diego Redondo (EEAD-CSIC), Azahara Díaz (EEAD-CSIC), Marta Pérez (PCTAD), Sara Remón (PCTAD) y Jesús Val (EEAD-CSIC).

See the complete agenda of the event and see here the Multibiosol presentation (in Spanish).