Part of the work done by the LIFE Multibiosol team is to create networks and collaboration links with other related European-funded projects so as to increase dissemination of results and raise awareness in the food production sector. Find a list of the projects we have worked with below:

LIFE EPS-SURE - Expanded PolyStyrene SUstainable REcycling: From EPS waste to food contact PS final market

LIFE NAdapta - Towards an integrated, coherent and inclusive implementation of Climate Change Adaptation policy in a region: Navarre 

BIODOLOMER for LIFE - BIODOLOMER - Demonstration of a unique, fully renewable green material for the reduction of plastics and packaging waste

LIFE Smart Fertirrigation: Integrated pig manure digestate processing for direct injection of organic liquid fertiliser into irrigation systems

LIFE Siamec: Integrated anaerobic system for wastewater reclamation at ambient temperature in European climates

LIFE Seacolors: Demonstration of new natural dyes from algae as substitution of synthetic dyes actually used by textile industries

LIFE The Green Link: Restore desertified areas with an innovative tree growing method across the Mediterranean border to increase resilience

LIFE + Rabiche:  Reintroduction of endemic pigeon Columba junoniae, white-tailed laurel pigeon, on the island of Gran Canaria

LIFE Recysite: Production of fully recyclable and reusable green composites based on bioresins and natural fibres.

LIFE Guguy: Recover of native forests with Juniperus spp, and its flora and fauna, in the Special Nature Reserve Güigüí.

LIFE BIOCOPAC Plus: Sustainable bio-based coating from tomato processing by-products for food metal packaging


LIFE reWINE: Glass bottles reuse in southern European wine sector

LIFE Citruspack: Revalorization strategies within the circular economy for the use of citrus waste in green packaging and cosmetics.

LIFE AGROintegra: Demonstration of sustainable alternatives to chemical products for European crop protection


LIFE BAQUA: Soluciones con un uso nuevo para el residuo del cultivo de bananas para desarrollar productos para la aquacultura y el sector de plásticos 

LIFE Rewind: Profitable small scale renewable energy systems in agrifood industry and rural areas: demonstration in the wine sector

LIFE Integral Carbon: Development and global enforcement of GHG capture photobioreactors in agroindustrial activities


LIFE Factory Microgrid: Electric vehicles to grid, renewable generation and Zn-Br flow battery to storage in industry


LIFE Vineyards 4 Heat: Vineyards for carbon footprint reduction: a sustainable strategy to use biomass for heat & cold in wineries.

LIFE Zero Residues: towards a sustainable production and supply chain for stone fruit

LIFE+ Freshbox: a sustainable transport solution conserving quality of fresh produce, reducing waste & fuel consumption

LIFE SEACAN: Reducing the pressure of fish canneries on the marine environment with novel effluent treatment and ecosystem monitoring