AITIIP finishes producing the biodegradable plastic mulching for the second validation period

As the next step in Action B.1 and after analyzing the results from the first validation tests last year, Aitiip has produced the mulching films and protection bags that will be used during this year's large and small-scale field trials (Action B.3).

On the one hand, the CAA will organize the large-scale field trials with the biodegradable mulching in Zaragoza, while the EEAD-CSIC will be responsible for the small scale field trials with the protection bags. Simultaneously, GroenCreatie will carry out proof-of-concept tests in Belgium and France. 

In parallel, as part of the Action B.2, samples of these new biofilms will be sent to ARCHA in Italy for the necessary mechanical properties and chemical testing, with the final goal of obtaining OK Biodegradable Soil certification before the end of the project.