ARCHA workshop a big success!

Last Thursday November 23rd, 37 professionals gathered together in Pisa, Italy at the ARCHA laboratories for a Multibiosol Workshop. Attendees came from varying research groups, private companies and organizations throughout Italy and Spain to learn about the latest research and work being done on waste valorisation, bio-plastics and sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector. After a morning of presentations, participants took a tour of the ARCHA facilities where they witnessed state of the art technology and laboratory equipment being applied to help make our economy more circular.

The following is a list of the presentations given. For a quick summary of each presentation, read the abstracts here.

Sven Kallen (Transfer, Barcelona) and Carolina Peñalva (AITIIP, Zaragoza)

Francesca Braca (ARCHA, Pisa)

Pietro Carlozzi (CNR, Firenze) and Maurizia Seggiani (Dept. of Indutrial and Civil Engineering, University of Pisa)

Tommaso Lotti (Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano)

Patrizia Cinelli (IPCF-CNR, Pisa)

Angela Montanari (SSICA, Parma)

Simona Bronco (IPCF-CNR, Pisa)

A.M. Raspolli Galletti (Dept. of Chemistry and Ind. Chemistry, Uni of Pisa) and Valero Talarico (Po.Te.Co., Santa Croce sull´Arno, Pisa)

Massimiliano Franceschi (ARCHA, Pisa)

  • “A further step for the LIFE project BIOSUR: Biosulphur recovery implementation”

Francesco Spennati (PhD, Uni of Florence)

Sandra Ortega (Aula Dei Science and Technology Park, PCTAD, Zaragoza)

Maria Cristina Righetti (CNR-IPCF, Pisa)

Diego Redondo (Estación Experimental de Aula Dei, CSIC, Zaragoza)

Photos from the presentations given:






Photos from the tour of the ARCHA laboratory: