Dissemination material now available

As part of actions D1 and D2 focused on dissemination of project objectives and progress, Transfer LBC has designed and printed the 7 project notice boards to be placed at each partners’ offices and 3 large information panels for project sites. What this action hopes to achieve is to inform local populations of sustainable agricultural production practices and to communicate to partners’ clients and/or other visitors what the Multibiosol project is about.

Two designs were therefore created, a smaller A3 size version of the notice board to hang at project partner’s offices, and a large information panel to hang at the implementation sites at AITIIP and EEAD-CSIC’s facilities, as well as CAA members’ large-scale fields. The small office notice boards have all been placed in each partners offices, but the information panels will be placed when the trials are developed in each site. The design can be downloaded here.

In parallel, 500 copies of the project leaflet were printed in Spanish on A6-sized paper in February 2016. Their design is very similar to the notice boards for Action D2, so as to maintain the same aesthetics and image in all of the project’s dissemination material. High-resolution versons of these leaflets are also available in the downloads section. 

Finally, a large roll-up has also been printed and given to the project coordinator, AITIIP. This roll-up will be shared amongst partners and used for internal project meetings as well as networking and dissemination events, especially for information and promotion at stands and fairs.