Graduating Food Science and Technology students visit the EEAD-CSIC

Last February 21st, fourth-year students of “Food Science and Technology” of the University of Zaragoza visited the facilities of the Experimental Site of Aula Dei (EEAD-CSIC), as part of their course “Intensification in fruit trees and horticulture”. The course is coordinated by our LIFE ZERO RESIDUES project leader, Dr. Rosa Oria.

The visit was coordinated by the Director of EEAD, Jesús Val Falcón, who manages EEAd-CSIC's activities in the MULTIBIOSOL project.

During the visit, the students were able to learn at first-hand about the investigations done by Jesús Val and his team, as part of LIFE Multibiosol; and learned about the synergies between this project and LIFE Zero Residues.

The event was not only an excellent opportunity for the projects to network but to engage with relevant stakeholders and food technology engineers of the near future (the students will graduate next June). Since the students find themselves at the doorstep of entering the food technology sector work force, they were very interested in the research activities of both institutions (The University and CSIC). At the same time, they did not hesitate to ask questions about the short-term effects of both projects on the improvement of the quality fruits produced in our region

The visit was concluded with a walk along the trial fields of Aula Dei, where a variety of experiments with the cultivation of fruit trees are executed.

The pictures show the group of students at the entrance of the Main Building and during the presentation-discussion of the LIFE projects.