Groencreatie and Transfer plan field trials in Belgium and France

Today Sven Kallen of Transfer and Karl Fonteyne of Groencreatie visited agro trial station PCG in Kruishoutem (Belgium). They were received by director Luc De Reycke who explained the institution's experience in field trials. They have some 10 ha of space available with about 0,5 ha of glass houses.

The beds are 100 m in length are will be planted with zucchini, an upcoming cash crop that has grown significantly over the last 5 years in Belgium, doubling to approx. 650 ha. The field trials in France (Dordogne) will see the sowing of melons, a regional cash crop. Both trials are expected to start in May this year.

An interesting networking opportunity presented itself due to PG's involvement in a Horizon 2020 project called Fertinnowa. It was decided that the innovative drip irrigation technology of this H2020 project will be tested also on the trial beds of LIFE Multibiosol, thereby adding value to our project and increasing the sustainability of the primary production sector.