Kick-off meeting for approved LIFE14 projects in Brussels

Last November 4th, 10 winning projects from the 2014 call of the LIFE Programme were presented in the European Commission Representative’s offices in Brussels. The approved projects brought together representatives from many parts of the European Union, including Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The meeting also engaged representative of the B3-LIFE Unit and the DG Environment of the European Commission. Under the framework of the 2014 LIFE edition, and in the area of Environment, only 51 projects won European financial contributions.

After the welcoming words of the head of the B3 Unit, the first round of presentations began, focused on the actors of the LIFE programme and the support team, as well as the importance of impact measurement of the future projects, especially in the areas of policies, replicability, sustainability, dissemination and communication. During the day, the roles of monitors and supervisors were also addressed, to determine the technical and financial management of the grants.

Each participant presented the main aspects of their project. The presentation given by Berta Gonzalvo of AITIIP, the project director, can be found here.

Some pictures of the event can be found below.