Meeting between partners – results and next steps

On Wednesday, November 22nd, Multibiosol Project team members met at the ARCHA facilities in Pisa, Italy for the 4th Steering Committee Meeting to discuss the results that have been achieved thus far, and the steps that need to be taken moving forward.

All of the partners involved presented a brief summary of the actions carried out and the results achieved since the last meeting in May. LIFE Multibiosol is a little over one year away from finishing, so the partners made sure to clarify what their responsibilities will be during the next months, and what steps will need to be taken in order to successfully complete the Project.

The trials on field and the laboratory tests both have shown promising and conclusive results. Moving forward, PCTAD will conduct the nutritional and mineral composition tests on the most recent harvest. ARCHA will continue with the biodegradbility tests on the bio-plastics from year 1 and 2 of the Project. AITIIP will begin producing the 3rd and final round of bio-mulching and bio-bags to be implemented in the fields by CAA and GroenCreatie and also tested in the labs of ARCHA. Meanwhile, Transfer will continue disseminating the results of this exciting Project.

We would like to thank ARCHA for their hospitality and for organizing the meeting and the workshop. This meeting has been one of the best milestones achieved of the project! The partners eagerly await our next meeting and the work to come during this final year of the project.