Multibiosol attends national weed management conference

Last week, Priya Devasirvatham (Transfer Consultancy) had the opportunity to attend the XVI Spanish National Conference on Weed Managament. During 3 days, 100 professionals from the public and private sector attended presentations on topics such as: Biology and Agroecology, Integral Management, Chemical Control and resistance to herbicides, and Eco-innovative weed management. On the second day the participants took a field trip to visit the greenhouses of Florette and the organic rice fields of El Alcaraván. Representatives of the two businesses explained how their production process, giving a special focus to how they manage weeds. At the conference Priya was able to take part in networking activities, where she shared the Multibiosol brochure and explained how the 100% biodegradable plastic is an innovative tool for the production and weed management of crops. Between presentations, she shared with Carles M. Gasol a representative of LIFE reWINE. LIFE reWINE is aiming to design and implement a system for the recycling and re-use of glass wine bottles in Cataluña. In the picture below you can see Priya (left) and Carles (right).