Multibiosol - reaching circular economy objectives

Aitiip facilities were chosen by the CircPack project partnership to  present the plastics circular economy in action and to showcase the project’s first progress to European Commission - Horizon2020 delegates.

During this meeting, which took place on February 17th, a workshop about Aitiip’s bioplastic and circular economy solutions were showcased to project officers and Circ-Pack project members, composed by Circe Research Centre, Novamont (bioplastic producer), Bumaga (paper and board transformation), Tecnopackaging (plastic transformation), Ekodenge (consultant), OCE (consumers association) and ICLEI (local government association).

Circ Pack is a european project in which Aitiip is involved, which aims to transform the plastic packaging value chain from a ‘linear’ to a ‘circular’ value chain. This is done by applying a number of innovations along the plastic value chain throughout the project - addressing the decoupling of materials from fossil-based feedstocks, the reduction of environmental impact, and of course the creation of an effective after-use economy.

Circ Pack also focuses on the design of the plastic products – mainly packaging products – in order to make them easier to sort and recycle. In this way, CircPack can increase the recovery of plastic waste and reduce the quantity of plastics that go to landfill. These objectives are inline with Multibiosol objectives, which is to reduce the quantity of plastic in landfills.

Both of these projects are very much in keeping with European Union Circular Economy objectives. Throughout the projects Aitiip is keeping abreast of every EU recommendation in this area, in addition to asking our colleagues in the institutions for feedback regarding project developments.