Networking between LIFE projects in Huesca

Last July 1st, representatives of the EEAD-CSIC attended a networking event between LIFE projects organized by the LIFE REWIND coordinators, the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), with 6 other related projects. The event was undertaken in the framework of a summer course of the University.

The summer course named “Renewable energy, electricity and hydrogen: present and future of energy in the rural area and agricultural machinery” has many objectives: a) demonstrate and disseminate new production technologies in situ with renewable energy for irrigation, farms and other agro-livestock exploitations; b) Technical, environmental and economic analyses; c) hydrogen production and its application in agricultural mobility and machinery.

Each one of the projects described their objectives, activities developed so far and later on a round table on sustainable production and food was carried out. From the EEAD-CSIC, Jesús Val and Diego Redondo participated. Photos of the on site visit and presentations can be seen below. The other 6 projects of the round table were:

  1. Cero Residuos (LIFE12 ENV/ES/902): towards a sustainable production and supply chain for stone fruit
  2. Freshbox (LIFE13 ENV/ES/1362): a sustainable transport solution conserving quality of fresh produce, reducing waste & fuel consumption
  3. Integral Carbon (LIFE13 ENV/ES/1251): Development and global enforcement of GHG capture photobioreactors in agroindustrial activities
  4. Vineyards4Heat (LIFE13 ENV/ES/776): Vineyards for carbon footprint reduction: a sustainable strategy to use biomass for heat & cold in wineries.
  5. Factory Microgrid (LIFE13 ENV/ES/700): Electric vehicles to grid, renewable generation and Zn-Br flow battery to storage in industry
  6. REWIND (LIFE13 ENV/ES/000280): Profitable small scale renewable energy systems in agrifood industry and rural areas: demonstration in the wine sector