New opportunities in Andalucia with IFAPA, CAAE and ASAJA Malaga

After holding more meetings in Andalucia the Transfer team is even more convinced of the possibilities of the bio-mulch film. First we visited the IFAPA installations where they work to improve citrus plantations – they use a large quantity of plastic for soil protection. We also contacted representatives of ASAJA Malaga who represent hundreds of citrus, olive and horticulture farmers in the province. Many of them use plastic film for mulching and / or for fruit protection and maturation. All those we met with recognize on one hand the lack of infrastructure in Andalucia for the recollection of petrol-based plastics after their use and on the other hand the terrible environmental consequences of burning and burying the plastics on the agricultural fields. The success of the Multibiosol biodegradable films will depend on the availability of the product in small volumes, reasonable prices and a product guarantee.

Finally, we re-contacted colleagues at CAAE that visited us at our stand in FIMA to discuss the possibility of certifying the bioplastics for their biodegradability with the end goal of being able to use them in organic agriculture. In the coming weeks we will try and advance on this topic to help introduce these innovative bioplastics into the market.