Radio Nacional Interview with AITTIP and PCTAD

On July 3rd, Dr. Carolina Peñalva of AITTIP and Marta Pérez Herrera of PCTAD were interviewed by Juan Barbacil, host of the show "Del Campo a la Mesa" (From Farm to Table) as part of the Radio Nacional program Alianza Agroalimentaria. During the interview they presented the LIFE project Multibiosol by discussing their objectives and the actions they have implemented until now. They also took this time to promote the upcoming Technical Seminar titled "Biodegradable products and other sustainable agricultural practices" that will take place in Zaragoza on July 5th.

The radio show "Del Campo a la Mesa" is well known in the region. For years it has been dedicated to conveying the importance of the agro-food industry in Aragón, which it achieves through its distinguished guests who are experts in the field and its focus on innovation and competition within the sector.

To listen to the interview (in Spanish), please click here.