Transfer presents at the World Summit on Climate Change


Last week, Priya Devasirvatham (Transfer Consultancy) travelled to Prague for the 3rd World Summit on Climate Change and Global Warming that took place between the 27-28th of February in the capital of the Czech Republic.

Over 20 professionals presented at the conference who specialized in climate science, geography, land-use, and adaptation technologies.

Priya presented the LIFE Multibiosol project under the theme “Green Initiatives.” She received interesting feedback from specialists in agriculture who were particularly interested in the oligoelements that have been added to the biodegradable plastic films. The addition of elements such as Boron, as warned by the specialists, could potentially cause an excess of these elements in the soil in the long-term.

One attendee from Pakistan seemed particularly interested in the application of biodegradable films in his home country which has recently adopted the agricultural technique of mulching films and is beginning to introduce large quantities of conventional plastic into the agricultural sector for this end. Soils in Pakistan suffer from general water deficiency and could therefore benefit from the water retention properties of mulching film, however these soils already have a high presence of Boron, meaning that the biodegradable mulching films developed in this project are unfit for use in that environment. Thanks to the participation of the audience, project partners have further considerations to make as to the applicability of the developed products on a global scale, and the type of development that will still need to take place before the product launches on the market.

Project results which will soon be available will show the effect of the plastics on the soil over the course of the project (3 years). Long term monitoring of the soils that use these enriched plastics year after year will be a priority moving forward.

For more information of the conference, you can download the program here and read the abstract submitted for the project here. Soon, all participant’s presentations will be available for download.