Aula Dei Science and Technology Park (PCTAD) is a foundation in which public and private entities of food, agriculture and environmental industries gather to create a sustainable business competitive model that increases the scientific and technological returns to society. Their core research lines are: application of postharvest technologies, new product development research and shelf life studies, development of analytical techniques in postharvest quality control, active packaging of fruits and vegetables and efficacy of sanitation methods for disinfection.

PCTAD’s network of scientists and institutions’ first aim is to capture economic and entrepreneurial power in Aragon and involve it in a wider network of entrepreneurial agents with innovative activity. The park offers an exceptional ecosystem service in the fields of: Food Safety & Quality, Technology & Genetics in Plant Production, Plant Health & Nutrition, Soil & Water, Fruit Cultivation, and Biodiversity & Restoration.

This group has been working on pre- and post-harvest technologies for improving food and soil quality in a sustainable way for more than 10 years.

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