Groencreatie BVBA

GroenCreatie is a Belgian processor and producer of bioplastics, devoted to environmental protection and resource conservation by developing and manufacturing bioplastics without adding any non-degradable or environmentally harmful additives. They work from their offices in Oudenaarde (at 8 km of the official registration address of the company in Kruishoutem)

GroenCreatie works together with its clients in order to develop the most suitable product for each one. 
All the products are based on either pure biopolymers or on 100% degradable natural compounds. Examples are hemp, flax, kenaf, and bamboo- valuable fibres that add value to newly developed products.

GroenCreatie offers all range of 100% biodegradable products for food packing, mulching and planting pots. Our products can be characterized as totally biodegradable to CO2, water or biomass, specially designed and residue free.

GroenCreatie is aware of the importance of international development and cooperation in addition to their strategy towards sustainable growth. They consider their participation in this project as an opportunity to expand their extensive network throughout Europe and to demonstrate the viability of 100% biodegradable plastics without any chemicals additives. This particular innovation is expected to lead to even more sustainable and cost-effective operations. 

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