Laboratori ARCHA s.r.l. (ARCHA) is an Italian SME that provides chemical & biological analyses, research and consultancy services for numerous organizations, operating in many different sectors such as food, waste management, paper, tannery, textiles, ICT, metallurgies, pharmaceutics and biomedicine. 

ARCHA has six functional units: Chemistry, Biology, Research, ICT, Business Development, and Personnel Qualification. In the Multibiosol project, three of these units will work in synergy: research, biology and chemistry

Research unit: Since 2000, it has carried out more than 130 research projects for private companies and research institutions at national and international levels .In Multibiosol, the research unit will coordinate project activities and perform the LCA and LCC analyses.

Chemistry & Biology units: Over the last 25 years, these analyses units have specialized and gained deep knowledge in assessing chemical and biological risk, as well as performing analysis on several materials (polymers, metals, concrete), waste, municipal & industrial wastewater, emissions, soil and food, and in workplace environments.

The analytical units are equipped to process over 6.000 samples per year, including the use of a mobile laboratory, which allows sampling and on-field analysis. In Multibiosol, the analytical units will carry out biodegradation tests and complete characterisations on the selected materials and soils.

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