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Networking with LIFE AGROintegra in Zaragoza

Project partners from LIFE Multiobiosol and LIFE AGROintegra had the opportunity to network last Wednesday at the ...

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Open field visits and a technical seminar unite professionals around Multibiosol technology in Zaragoza

For the first time since LIFE Multibiosol´s inception in 2015, an open field event was held to showcase the technology in action. On July 5th, at the experimental CSIC Aula Dei (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas) field in Zaragoza...

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Technical Seminar & Open Day event to be held in Zaragoza

Coinciding with the start of the large-scale field trial tests during this year, Multibiosol partners invite all interested parties in joining us in Zaragoza on...

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Part of the work done by the LIFE Multibiosol team is to create networks and collaboration links with other related European-funded projects so as to increase dissemination of results and raise awareness in the food production sector. Find a lis...

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